Wrinkle Concentrate

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Wrinkle Concentrate

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“A Miracle from the Old Herb Pot” Wrinkle Concentrate for Face and Neck

What secret kept the hands of the ancient Ginseng villagers wrinkle free? What special concoction made solely for the last empress of China kept her skin looking ageless?

Super anti-oxidants, amino acids and vitamins? You bet!... And lots of them!!! But more importantly, the healing energy and synergistic beauty embedded in this unique herbal concentrate.

No need to travel back hundreds of years to get beautiful skin. Nefeli herbalists have made these time-tested secrets available to you - right here and now!

Wrinkle Concentrate replenishes and renews your skin. It leaves you looking younger, youthful, and more vibrant. Visible signs of fine lines and stubborn wrinkles diminish as your face and neck absorb this amazing formula.

Combined with modern science and the best of nature, this anti-wrinkle serum is specially formulated to help boost your skin’s beauty and vitality naturally from the inside out.

Net Wt. 15ml (0.5 fl. oz)

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