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As an Acupuncture Studies graduate I went to Dr. Ping Zhang's seminars and decided to try several of her skin care products. I bought the Natural Skin Clear & Perfect Clarifying Set for my teenage daughter who was suffering from acne due to hormonal imbalances. She had been on a daily low dose estrogen pill but decided to try a natural alternative because of the side effects of synthetic hormones. We were both SO VERY HAPPY when these products began to work almost immediately!!She is now on her second month of using these products and her friends are commenting on how great her skin looks! I have and will continue to recommend the Natural Skin Clear & Perfect Clarifying Set to all my friends and patients. ---Goddess Acupuncture
Instant Facial Rejuvenating Mask ‘ After wearing it for 15 minutes—during which I could actually feel it working—my skin emerged rosy and firm.’ ----www.newbeauty.com
Instant Facial Rejuvenating Mask 'Forget spending a ton of money on a facial at a spa. Just get in on these wonderful masks from Nefeli and I promise you'll get the same result. These are just what the doctor ordered, I'll tell ya, especially this time of year when my skin is so blah and dull and tired looking. These are the perfect pick me up - they seriously take down the bags around my eyes and my skin feels tighter and smoother - like a mini face lift. I've used these both in the a.m. and right before bed. Either way, my skin looks and behaves so much better. It's tough to only use these a couple of times a week. I want to use them more often but I want them to last! The coolness of the masks when first placing them on feels so refreshing. Right then and there I can feel my skin firming up. Then I just go about my business for the next 20 minutes or so..when I remove the mask I gently massage the leftover essence into my skin or I take a warm baby washcloth and just hold it over my face for a couple of seconds to let the remaining fluid penetrate. After that I'm good to go. I feel like everything about my skin looks better after using these masks - younger, healthier, more vibrant. The beauty regimens from the Orient are so amazing...I'm glad we get to be in on some of their traditional beauty secrets. These are a must have. Love 'em!' --http://styleapothecary.onsugar.com
‘The Pearl and Flower Toning Water has changed my skin after just 3 uses and I feel like I now have a chance to get the skin I had, back! And it smells sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo yummy!!.... After the first use I noticed a slightly firmer look and then with the second and third use I noticed my skin seeming to even up more, making my blemishes look less and less obvious.’ -- http://www.mommypr.com
Bright Radiance Night Time Cream –‘AMAZING! I have had this in my arsenal for about 6 weeks now and the results are in, my skin is looking so much brighter and smoother. I wake every morning and feel that my skin is still soft and hydrated…I think about week 3 is when I started to notice that my skin was radiant and looked brighter…. I am so happy with the results. My skin is bright and hydrated so all of the flakes are gone and my skin looks healthier and much happier.’ --http://styleapothecary.onsugar.com
‘ It feels wonderful as you apply it and I felt the hydration immediately…All in all, Nefeli Bright Radiance Intensive Day Cream has improved my skin/complexion so much that I can use less concealer and make up. My skin has definitely gained a new glow to it that goes along with healthy skin.’ --http://styleapothecary.onsugar.com/
Nefeli Intensive Wrinkle Care Day Cream, Nefeli Intensive Wrinkle Care Night Cream
The rejuvenating face mask was recommended to me by a friend of mine and I was so impressed with it, I recently purchased the night cream (as well as the day cream). I am usually apprehensive with testing out new creams since I have occassional breakouts. I have tried all different creams - from Strivectin, Lancome, DDF, Mario Bedescu and this one tops the list. This cream not only made my skin look radiant, I never broke out. My skin has never looked so good. I have been telling all my friends about this product, and I truly believe that this a a fantastic product. I’m hooked. A++++!!!!' -- http://www.athealthshop.com
'I had had wrinkles on my forehead, eye area and other facial places for a long time. I also have been suffering from dry, patch skin conditions all my life. Regardless what kind of products I used, my problems just would not go away. Now I see the wonderful instant result after I use Nefeli Wrinkle Night Cream and its only been for a couple of days! My dry skin patch disappeared, wrinkles and sagging of my face is much diminished. My skin is firm, smooth, and soft. I can't believe her cream can bring such a drastic result in such a short time.' -- Lanaya D, CA
Skin Purifying Facial Wash My skin does indeed look more radiant and healthy when I use it - clean and fresh. It's very gentle yet leaves no trace of makeup or dirt on my face. Rare is it that I find a product so gentle that actually performs this well…After using Nefeli for a couple of weeks I can now see why I should stick to a good quality cleanser because my skin really does look clearer and brighter - less dull and...old....and that's always a good thing.’ --- http://styleapothecary.onsugar.com
Pearl Exfoliator & Beyond ‘My face felt amazing. So soft, so clean. There was no film or residue left behind, only radiant skin. I don't feel as if this product is like typical exfoliants; there are no beads. It's much more gentle, but definitely still removes dead skin cells and helps even out skin tone. I've used this a couple times a week and have found my skin tone to definitely be evening out. I tend to have a very pink t-zone and have noticed a significant difference.’ -- http://styleapothecary.onsugar.com
Pearl Exfoliator & Beyond ‘Absolutely love it..Fantastic.. tones the skin…super-hydrates ..smoothes out the fine lines there beautifully.. Thank you for this wonderful addition to the Nefeli collection… I can’t say enough really about how profound Nefeli products are…profoundly effective.. with integrity.' -- Pearl B.
Herbal Well Being Supplements
Healthy Joints & Inflammation Response - "I started having pain in my knees last May 2011. I was always a walker and love to exercise but the pain interfered with my walking and exercise routine.... I started taking Nefeli’s Healthy Joint as recommended by Ping about 5 weeks ago. I experienced drastic improvement and may pain went away. I now can walk and resume my exercise routine. I also see improvement on my thumbs. I can’t believe this supplement worked as well. I will continue to take it and recommend it to my friends who have similar problems." -- Lois B.
Healthy Adrenal Endocrine Balance - "I have been using Nefeli Healthy Adrenal Endocrine Balance for the past three months. My daughter has been using it since the summer. This product was recommended to us by Dr. Dashiff. In the past, I was using Isocort, which is a steroid-like product for the same issues of fatigue, stress, poor sleep, weight-gain, inabililty to make it through the day. The difference in how I feel is amazing. With the other product, I experienced symptoms similar to those of a steroid-weight-gain, abnormal 'swelling' of my body. Using the Nefeli product, I have experienced NONE of the horrible side-effects but ALL of the positive effects associated with adrenal balance. Adrenal fatigue is debilitating. It affects all areas of your life-productivity, ability to get a good night's sleep, ability to focus. I now am able to get through the day from waking up feeling refreshed to feeling calm and balanced throughout the day to sleeping well. My daughter has experienced the same positive affects. We both HIGHLY recommend this product for people whose adrenals are shot due to the stress of our daily lives. Try it you won't regret it!!!!!"- Eileen P.
Menopause Soother - "As an Acupuncture studies graduate I went Dr. Ping Zhang's seminars and decided to try several of her natural supplements. I was especially interested in the Menopause Soother for my menopause symptoms; specifically hot flashes, night sweats and abdominal weight gain. Prior to taking this product I was experiencing several hot flashes and night sweats per day. I am VERY HAPPY to say that the hot flashes and night sweats have greatly subsided and I even lost a few pounds after using this product for 1 month. It really, really works and I will recommend Menopause Soother to all my patients. " - Goddess Acupuncture
Herbal Infusion Protocols
'I used Nefeli's skin care products and the facial technique taught by Dr. Ping Zhang for my client with a stubborn skin condition and the condition went away with just one treatment. My client is extremely happy!'
-- Jenny X. , Licensed Esthetician
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