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Nefeli Myofascial Gua Shatm Spa Treatment by Dr. Ping Zhang 

This holistic Wellness and Spa treatment effectively: reduces sagging of face and neck, promotes lymphatic drainage from facial and neck area, minimizes wrinkles of face and neck, eye bags and dark circles, promotes radiant complexion, creates youthful facial and neck contours, diminishes appearance of age spots and discoloration, promotes  healthy collagen growth, reduces cellulites and promotes weight management/healthy weight loss, healthy energy workout, and more..(60 min, $200)

Nefeli Gua Sha Facialtm Spa Treatment by Dr. Ping Zhang 

Effective treatment for: sagging of face and neck, lymphatic drainage from facial and neck area, wrinkles of face and neck, eye bags and dark circles, age spots and discoloration thus promoting radiant complexion, creating youthful facial and neck contours. Supporting healthy collagen growth and more. (45min, $150)

Nefeli Myofascial Gua Shatm for wellness and pain management by Dr. Ping Zhang 

Effectively addresses: Neuromuscular pain and misalignment, Sinew strain and deficiencies, Joint Pain, Referred pain due to organ dysfunction. (45min, $150) 


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