Wrinkle/Aged Skin

Anti-aging beauty care goes  diagnostic – instant beauty and  vitality with sustained  benefits.

Our anti-wrinkle care combine traditional Chinese healing power with more recently recognized natural plant components, such as anti-oxidants that neutralize skin-cell-damaging free radicals.   The special herbs that are used are precisely blended so they work synergistically to fight aging. They also fight the wrinkles that go with aging by helping with the re-energizing and replenishing of your skin at the cellular level.


  • Energizes, hydrates, and supports the skin's natural internal healing power to restore a youthful look
  • Lifts, Firms, and Diminishes the appearance of fine lines, sagging and wrinkles
  • Hydrates, Repairs and Replenish and suport the skin's renewal process
  • Protects the skin against harsh environmental factors
  • It also soothes acne-prone, sensitive or irritated skin
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