Reishi Mushroom

Known as the ‘skin magic herbs,’ this powerful antioxidant source is an anti-aging herb par excellence, with especially strong effects (for supporting the body’s healthy system) for brightening facial tone and helping to improve wrinkled-skin conditions, discoloration and age spots. It contains amino acids, vitamins and high molecular-weight polysaccharides. A longevity herb that prevents aging and maintains the body’s healthy immune system.

Products with this ingredient
Essential Eye Care Cream

Retail Price: $60.00

Instant Eye Rejuvenating Mask

Retail Price: $70.00

Instant Facial Rejuvenating Mask

Retail Price: $70.00

Intensive Wrinkle Care Night Cream

Retail Price: $70.00


List of Herbal Ingredients


Astragalus Root




Goji Berry


Green Tea


Licorice Root




Reishi Mushroom








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