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Dr. Ping Zhang’s Spring Rejuvenation Tips

Based on Chinese lunar calendar, Chinese new year‘s day starts the Spring season of the new year. Even though there is still ice and snow, Spring is in the air. This season signifies the renewal and outward going energy of the body since the symbol of this season is Wood. The organ system related to Spring is the Liver, the color of this season is green, the related orifice of this season is eyes.How to keep your skin and body in a healthy and happy state during the spring season?
Follow Dr. Ping Zhang’s “Balancing and Harmonizing “ Spring season suggestions:

Lift Your Spring Energy:
It is in this season, while the weather is getting gradually warm, you many feel tired and tend to get a bit sleepier than in the winter time. This is because your body may be still in the Winter state, where the Yang energy resides deep in the system , and is not ready to act as active as the Spring weather does. To be a smart headliner of yourself, Dr. Zhang suggests Nefeli “Complete Balance” total natural herbal supplements where powerful natural Tibetan and Himalaya herbs help your body adapt to the Spring season, allow the beneficial renewal of your body, mind and spirit, perform the symphony with the true natural outward Spring energy and enjoy the season as much as you can.

Your Spring Time Skin Rejuvenation:
Spring weather is warm yet has a lot of windy days. While our skin texture begins to stretch out due the warm weather, our peripheral vascular blood supply is increased, so does our increased secretion of sebaceous glands and sweat glands. These provide an excellent season for skin rejuvenation. Spring wind tends to be dry which can cause discomfort of the skin and as a result fine lines and wrinkles may appear. Spring season is also a blooming season where trees, flowers, and grass may bring some allergies to our skin as does the increased bacterial and versus – this is why for young people, acne tends to happen more frequently during spring time. Take advantage of Spring skin rejuvenation: try Nefeli “Beauty Boost Serum” and “ Bright Radiance Day and Night Cream”. Healing herbs in the serum and creams works on the Spring elements of the skin, which nourishes, strengthen and detox the skin. Take care of dry and wrinkled skin in Spring time: try Nefeli “ Intensive Wrinkle Day and Night Cream” and take advantage from the healing properties of the natural herbs that promote the skin’s self-healing power and diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles from the root cause.

For young people suffering from acne, and irritated skin conditions: try Nefeli's Skin Clear & Perfect Clarifying Solution. This wonderful  herbal based collection clears toxic heat from the skin, repairs and protects the skin from acne and blemish conditions.

For more tips, check outDr. Ping Zhang’s book Anti-Aging Therapy, the only publication in the Traditional Chinese Medicine anti-aging field.


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