Miracle Touch - The Story

A gift of radiant beauty, wellness & balance from the ultimate authority!

Dr. Ping Zhang grew up in China where her family and ancestors practiced Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for four generations. Dr. Ping Zhang was the first recipient of a Ph.D in Oriental Medicine focusing on Facial and Body rejuvenation in the US.  As the only original authority in Facial and body rejuvenation and a top researcher in the modern implementation of ancient Chinese medicine, Dr Zhang delivers a path to beauty, health and rejuvenation from inside out. She is the author of two  best-in-category  books on anti-aging that are sold world-wide and she lectures on Traditional Chinese healing and beauty wisdom across the globe. 

In addition to being  one of the first to introduce Facial  Acupuncture to the western world,  Dr. Ping Zhang also invented  Gua Sha Facial  which is more effective  and easy , only  needless . 

Gua Sha is a tradition Chinese technique to release pain and promote wellness. The Gua Sha facial uses a small medicinal board tool to gently massage, and stimulate certain energy points along the face and body to promote Qi (energy) flow and remove toxins. Gua Sha facial drastically reduces all all signs while promoting your overall wellbeing as it detoxes and balances your overall system. 

Dr. Ping Zhang continues to innovate new treatments by listening to the needs of her clients during her daily practice and has been recently  awarded US & International patent for her uniquely designed beauty tool. This breakthrough beauty tool, when used in concert with Dr. Zhang’s protocol, which is based  on Gua Sha to activate  acupuncture points more effectively,  promotes beauty and healthy that satisfies all your specific beauty/anti-aging needs. Special designed curves, angles, and edges allow you target specific aging problems in your face and neck.  In only couple of minutes,  you will see dramatic results thanks to thousands of years of Eastern beauty secrets passing down from ancient  sages so you can partake  these time horned wisdom at home with great ease using the newly patented beauty tool. 

Unlike any beauty tools, Miracle Touch  awakens your in-born healing power to repair and prevent aging while promoting vitality and energy. The miraculous effect of this  system earned its name of ‘Miracle Touch’. Just like how Acupuncture Facial  became  a must-have in Hollywood, our Miracle Touch Face and  Neck Lift  has become the next hottest  trend in the making, only that it provides more benefit and can be done  easily  at home. 

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