Ginseng Root

The ‘king’ of Chinese skin-healing herbs, Ginseng is a superior energy (Qi) tonic that address your wrinkle concerns by rejuvenating skins cells, relieving skin fatigue and promoting microcirculation in the skin. Contains panaxtriol, 17 amino acids, vitamins A, E and B2, niacin, and more than 20 different minerals. Fights fatigue and stress by rejuvenating the body’s internal system while improving endurance.

The Legend of Ginseng – In a small mountain village in China, ginseng was harvested daily. Workers did not take the herb but carried it to nearby villages to be sold.  As the years went by, the villagers’ bodies and faces would age normally but their hands remained youthful and supple. Just by touching the ginseng plants, their hands benefited from its rejuvenating properties.

Products with this ingredient
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