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Healthy Thyroid Endocrine Balance

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In TCM there is no  such term as thyroid because TCM believes that the  underlying supporting system to help normalize the thryoid function is the responsibility of the kidney and spleen system. Kidney rules our body function of reproduction, development and balancing of all the organ systems. In TCM, kidney is believed to be  the cornerstone of our system while the spleen is considered the mother element of our system. As a result, the imbalance in the thryoid system may be caused by the imbalance of these two systems from TCM perspective. Therefore, by bringing balance to these two systems it  brings the micro-balance of the thyroid endocrine system.

Healthy Thyroid Endocrine Balance helps strengthen “qi” (energy), harmonize healthy thyroid endocrine functions and helps balance the body’s major organ systems in order to maintain overall health and wellness.

The key to achieve  and maintain  a healthy  thyroid function  is restore the body’s healthy balance. This proprietary blend delivers it   through a natural and holistic way.  Superior natural intelligent herbals used in this formulation are:


Huang Qi (Astragalus Root)

• Tonifies Qi (energy), improves energy circulation. 
• Helps the normal body function to fight free radicals and energizes healthy immune system.
• Contains nutrients such as flavonoid derivatives, saponins, polysaccharides, amino acids and minerals.
•A superior herb to support  the digestive system and strengthen the body’s healthy function.
• Contains free radial clearing flavonoid derivatives, as well as saponins, polysaccharides, amino acids and minerals.


Sheng Di Huang (Dried Rehmannia Root)

•Nourishes the kidney system  energy and tonifies Yin , thus helping to keep the body’s healthy balance.
• Clears heat and helps de-stress the body systems.


“Healthy Thyroid Endocrine Balance” is for you if:

  • You experience occasional nervousness, stress or anxiety
  • You experience weight gain and fatigue
  • You experience occasional forgetfulness
  • You are wanting some restful sleep

Our formula and claim are  based on TCM texts and principles and clinical practice of TCM practitioners.

100% natural. No preservatives.

Guaranteed quality. Pass US FDA guidleines. FDA registered.


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