Anti-Aging Therapy

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Anti-Aging Therapy

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This book promotes ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine healing wisdom. Healing the skin with natural synergy from body, mind and spirit. Ping Zhang unlocks for the reader the ancient beauty secrets of Traditional Chinese Medicine, bringing the reader safe, all-natural techniques for restoring a healthy inner balance that's reflected in a smooth, youthful, vibrant face.

By following Ping's 30-day programs, readers will rejuvenate their face in the comfort of their own home — with no surgery, no shots, no peeling and no pain. Instead they'll experience healing miracles that have been passed down for thousands of years, including:
  • The top 10 legendary Chinese anti-wrinkles herbs

  • The top 10 skin-brightening herbs that fight facial discolorations and dark spots

  • Special wrinkle-erasing protocols using do-it-yourself facial-point acupressure

  • Delicious Chinese recipes that take advantage of certain food's amazing powers to beautify the skin, boost energy, spirit and vitality

  • Handcrafted natural facial masks and creams for a smoother, brighter complexion

  • Unique energy-ball Qi Gong exercises that tap into the inner healing energy of the body to beautify and brighten the face in no time

  • Customized 30-day programs for different age groups and skin types

  • Amazing “Before” and “After” pictures from the people who followed the 30-day program from the book to show the healing powers of Traditional Chinese Medicine
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