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Witch Hazel and More....

Witch Hazel. Chestnut. Rose Flower. Aloe. Coix Seed. Persimmon Leaf. White Peony Root. And more. These are some of the other herbal ingredients found in Nefeli skin care. Herbals used in our skin care are packed with nutrients and anti-oxidants and while their benefits are only now being discovered by modern research and science, they have been used for thousands of years to aid in the beautification and health of the skin.

Products with this ingredient
Skin Purifying Facial Wash

Retail Price: $40.00

Instant Eye Rejuvenating Mask

Retail Price: $70.00

Essential Eye Care Cream

Retail Price: $60.00

Pearl and Flower Toning Water

Retail Price: $50.00


List of Herbal Ingredients


Astragalus Root




Goji Berry


Green Tea


Licorice Root




Reishi Mushroom








Witch Hazel and More....

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