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Jade Roller

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The Jade Roller is an ancient Chinese beauty tool used for skin rejuvenation. Drawing the wisdom from ancient practice and combined with her unique technique, Dr. Ping Zhang brings to you her facial Jade Roller protocol as part of your skin care regime.

The jade roller is a medicinal herbal mineral cut as a round stone. It purifies, cools and lifts the skin.

The Jade Roller protocol should be performed using Nefeli’s natural herbal skin care products by steadily gliding and rolling over the neck and face area. It helps the skin absorb nutrients and detoxifies the skin simultaneously. To perform this beauty regime, follow Dr. Ping Zhang’s Jade Roller Protocol found in Dr. Zhang's book – A Complete Handbook for Traditional Chinese Medicine Facial Rejuvenation.

Beauty Benefits: used as a massage tool to smooth away wrinkles and promote a healthy glow.

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